Penny millionaire – how to make $8925 in 10 days – FOLLOW WINNING STRATEGY

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Hello and welcome to new video from Binary options Pink Panther. Recently we’ve talked about the newest launch – Penny Millionaire and how you may become a millionare investing just 1 penny. We’ve touched subject as compound interest and encouraged you to visit our website to understand it better by reading the latest review in english and Spanish too.
To register your spot with Penny M you simply need to click the link below this video and open an account using your email address.

Since this is the second video, I’ve already talked about basics in programming this software this time i’d like to show you the platform and do some live trading together. You may be surprised how easy it is. So Penny Millionaire new software on the market, we’ve started using it recently. We have placed few trades and so far we have very good impression about it. There we go, we’re inside Penny M software and first thing you see are different signals of assets you can choose by yourself. The value inside the circle indicates the signal strength. On top you see whether it’s a put OR call direction.

In the upper menu you can easily navigate throughout the platform, here we’re looking at opened positions – means trades i have chosen before. I’m now waiting for expiration of them.

In the tab – closed positions you see trades that have already expired. In my case I have one that was WON, hope to see more of them very soon . Penny Millionaire is a semi autotrader. when you register you would be automatically linked to the broker. Which broker you will be assigned it depends on your country and your geo location. My broker this time is dynamic option. But as you can see at the dashboard on hear on video presentation – with PM you can multiply your strategy and sign with more than one broker plus – you can choose broker by yourself too!
Minimum deposit is 250$ per one broker.

So let’s started, we’re gonna log in.Wen you go to video tutorial you are guided step by step how to use the platform. it’s super easy. You can do it too. How to understand shown signals?
EUR-USD is the name of the asset then you see the direction whether is PUT OR CALL
You have to know that signals comes from different brokers and you see the name of the broker right here. Signals are time sensitive, check how long it’s still available before you decide to choose it.
The coincidence factor indicates signal strength. TIP from pink panther – always choose signals above 80%. It’s also advisable to check economic calendar and do some analysis regarding asset you plan to choose especially to see market forces. This should be your guide and don’t just rely on the signal if you want to be really successful.
The last thing before you place a trade is choosing the amount you want to invest. This will depend on the broker you work with, but normally min amount is 25$. Now we’re ready to click TRADE button and we’re done. When the trade is placed you will see green pop up on top telling that trade has been placed succsesfully.
Another important thing you should know about – and this is a strategy you can use too so pay attention – is how to connect to a broker. Under “connected broker” tab you have a pop up window with scroll list that includes all connected brokers. The list is even bigger and brokers are good some of them regulated under CYSEC like 24options and BancdeBinary. It’s up to you how many brokers you will choose. I have found out that due to the basic of compound interest i can easily implement the same strategy. I will create an account that will work as my saving account. I will place there one trade per day starting with a risk of 25$ only. Amount saved I will re-invest in the next session and i will be consistently doing only this to multiply my profits on my savings account. The time frame I set are 10 days. After that i should expect to make 8925$ profit and this is my goal. It’s nice money to live with and spend it on whatever you like. If you want to understand how compound interest works visit and read the latest article.
Today banks don’t guarantee 40-50% interest on the money you have in your account let’s face if if you get 2-3% in a year you’re privileged. Therefore i decided to give it a try because even if i don’t make 9000 dollars let’s say i make few thousands only i’m still winning and i’m better than keeping money in my bank account frozen for a year.


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